A Deere to the Fashion World

Fashion is not merely the latest styles that sweep through the advertisements of magazines. Nor is it a fad that is dominate one day only to fade away or be overshadowed by the newest trend the next day. Fashion is bold, daring and mirrors a person’s attitude and emotions. But what is fashion beyond the clothes? Fashion is the outer appearance of an individual to reflect who they truly are inside. Despite the blemishes and imperfections of the skin, makeup is the paint artists use to bring out those emotions, just as the clothes mimic the genre portrayed. There is one fine lady who has taken the fashion world by storm and has become a Deere to us all.

Doe Deere is the creator of Lime Crime cosmetics that boldly take beauty to new and vivid heights. Dubbed “make-up for unicorns” Mrs. Deere’s entices our senses with vibrant colors that bring out our truest forms and darkest fantasies. Doe was born in Russia but grew up in the bustle of New York City where in 2008 created her empire “Lime Crime Cosmetics.” Deere’s goes beyond the humdrum of natural colors and explodes like the rainbow no matter the occasion, even if it goes against the trend of the day.

Her insight into the world around her draws us into a magical place where creativity runs amok and the colors drip and flow and breathe. Deere’s whole philosophy and mission is to prove that cosmetics do more than cover and conceal, they are an inspiration for the day. Deere has become a beacon for those lost in the shadows of fashion trends and screams out with a passion and velocity not to follow the same path, but to create your own.

One of the fashion trends that she has proven to be nonsense is Don’t Wear a Bold Eye with Bold lips. Her pixie-like features prove this to be false. When the colors collide, it makes for a prettier picture. It is of course best to use the color wheel when breaking this rule. Do what feels right, is Deere’s statement for everything.

Don’t worry about mixing patterns or wearing too many colors. Life is about the colors around us and to be whom we want to be. There is nothing more dominate than someone stepping outside the bland neutral zones. Live life in color, even if those colors are plaid and checkers.

Doe Deere is a talented young woman destined to make the world a better, brighter and more vivid place. She is an inspiration to us all for us to “Wear whatever it is that makes you happy because that’s what fashion is all about. Pleasure, creativity, and living out loud.”

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