Adam Milstein Accomplishments in Real Estate

Adam Milstein is known to many as an Israeli-born philanthropist who is working hard to change the lives of people around him. Adam is also a respected real estate investor and developer who have accomplished a lot in his career.Together with his beautiful wife, Gila Milstein, Adam Milstein has done a lot to reunite Israelites with their homeland.

In the year 1981, Milstein decided to relocate and settle in the United States together with his wife and children. At first, he decided to go to the university and sharpen his entrepreneurial skills.The businessman graduated from the prestigious University of California in the year 1983 after getting a master’s degree in business administration. After completing his education, the businessman was given employment in the corporate world. However, he was receiving very little compensation, and this forced him to look for an alternative source of income. Instead of working for other companies, the businessman felt that it was time to start his own businesses.

After leaving the corporate world, Adam Milstein co-founded a company known as Hager Pacific Properties. His partners in the business were David Hager and Robert Neal. As the managing partner of the company, Adam worked hard to make sure that the institution did well, regardless of the economic climate.

Adam Milstein has been doing a lot of philanthropic activities too when based in the United States. Because he has made a lot of wealth over the years, the businessman uses some of this wealth to support Israeli causes in the United States. The success real estate developer has founded an organization known as the Adam and Gila Family Foundation. The main aim of the successful foundation is to help connect young people living in the United States with their families living in Israeli.

The Gila and Adam Family Foundation has done very well since it was established several years ago. Due to the accomplishments of the businessman in the institution, Adam has received several awards. Just recently, one of the most successful magazines in Israeli announced that the businessman was one of the most influential Jews in the world. Getting the award is not an easy task.

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