Adam Milstein’s Clever Meme Competition is Open for Submissions

Adam Milstein is once again up to something fun in the internet world. An Israel native turned business expert, Adam Milstein heads up the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The MFF was founded to give younger generations the spark to continue to be passionate about and advocate for Jewish and pro-Israel topics. The MFF also provides resources to pro-Israel Americans to open dialogue about the alliance between America and Israel and the importance of that connection.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation is teaming up with several other Jewish and pro-Israel groups to bring you the Adam Milstein Meme Competition! This fun competition is open worldwide to anyone who would like to create and submit a meme that discusses pro-Israel topics. These memes do not have to be funny and they do not have to be newsworthy; the goal of the competition is to encourage personal expression from younger generations on pro-Israel topics.

Adam Milstein saw the way that memes were consistently being used by Millennialls and Gen Z members to express their thoughts and to react to situations that affected them and wanted to continue to encourage that expression, but direct it towards issues that affect pro-Israel groups and individuals.

The Adam Milstein Meme Competition kicked off on July 28th and will run until Thursday August 3rd. Anyone is encouraged to create and submit a meme on whatever topic they would like.

On August 3rd at midnight, submissions will close. After the close of submissions, all memes will be shared through Facebook and there will be a public “judging” portion of the competition. Facebook page visitors will be asked to judge each meme with a reaction: like, love, laughter, sad, angry, shock. The reactions will determine which memes make it to the final round of the Adam Milstein Meme Competition.

The final round of judging will consist of popular pro-Israel activists reviewing the Facebook reaction results and then awarding winning placements to the memes they felt fared best. Winners will split a nice cash prize based upon where they were ranked and will also receive additional credit to their meme, which has the potential to go viral.

The memes are already rolling in! To view them or make a submission of your own, visit:


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