Aloha Construction New Services

The Aloha Construction Company is a leading contractor in the construction business within the state of Illinois and some of its outskirts including Southern Wisconsin. This family owned business was initially established to deal with siding, roofing and gutter installation and repair for the residence of the state of Illinois. But with its aim to increase efficiency and grow their business the Aloha Construction Company has over the years introduced new construction solutions to better serve its customers. The Aloha was mostly involved in exterior construction in housing aspects that enabled homes withstand harsh climatic conditions such as hail storms. However, the company has improved its service provision to interior construction and repair and as a result widened its market.

Initial Construction Services

The Aloha Construction Company entails a set of construction services which it was initially tasked to offer the residents of Illinois when it was formed. These services included a long range of exterior housing construction services that revolved around roofing, siding, and gutter construction. Some of these construction services more specifically include; exterior installations from door, siding, soffit, roofing, insulation, gutter, stucco and windows. They also offer exterior repairs such as soffit, siding, roofing, window and gutter repairs. Other exterior construction services on the Aloha Construction service list include; cedar siding, roof waterproofing and even roof cleaning.

New Construction Services

Apart from their initial construction services which the Aloha construction Company still offers, they have introduced a new set of construction services to its customers. These services entail interior construction services. The Aloha Construction team has expanded over the years to include expert contractors in the interior part of the house. Some of these services include; countertop installation, refinishing, and repair, bathtub remodeling and repairs, custom home construction and house remodeling.

The Aloha Construction Company has a team that is dedicated to making people’s feel more secure in their homes and resultantly make their life easier. And it is due to their will and dedication to deliver on customer satisfaction that they have been able to increase their service provisions.

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