Ancient Warfare: Bomb Your Enemies With A Trabuco

Imagine that you were an ancient king with a strong army. You were equipped with a stout infantry, skilled arrow men and a competent special forces unit. What about your artillery? If you had to attack an enemy that was holding up in a mountain side fortress or one that lived inside of a wall city; how would you bring them down? Don’t struggle to try and find the answer. It is quite simple. You would use a trabuco to help defeat your foes.

The word trabuco is Portuguese for trebuchet. This is an ancient medieval siege weapon that was commonly used by powerful kingdoms and empires during the ancient era and middle ages. The Chinese first created this weapon way back in 400 B.C. since that time it has been used to hurl various enemies from great distances according to

Now, if you came up against an enemy that had a mountain side fortress. Your best be would be to use a trabuco to hurt large stones or pitch (fiery tar or oil) onto the structure. You could hurl these objects from the ground toward the base of the fortress. This way, you could knock out the foundation and try to bring the fortress down.


You could also move your trabucos to higher ground. This would be advantageous for hurling munitions down on the enemies. The trabucos would have to be protected with bands of arrow men and some infantry troops to keep the enemy from quickly capturing or destroying trabuco positions.

As a king you would also need these mighty sling weapons to break through the walls of your enemy’s fortresses or cities. The best way to accomplish this goal is to force the objects into one area and consistently hammer against them with large stones. Eventually, a whole will form in the wall or it will give way and crack. Bombing your enemies with a trabuco is an effective way for you to wipe out your enemies, if you were an ancient king or emperor.

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