Anthony Petrello and his Role at Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello works at the Narbors Industries where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer, An American corporate executive; Anthony has managed to acquire lots of success in the energy industry. He has earned a reputation as one of the top paid CEOs in the country. Anthony Petrello graduated from the Yale University where he earned his Bachelor’s as well as Master’s Degree in Mathematics. He is also graduated from the Harvard University and acquired his JD Degree. Anthony Petrello is the Board President and also the Chairman of Narbors Industry. He has played a huge role when it comes to the success of the company.

Anthony Petrello joined Nabors Industries 25 years ago and ever since held different positions at the oil company. He served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer in 1992 up to 1992 when he was appointed as the president. Anthony was elected to serve as the Deputy Chairman of Narbors Industries in 2003. Prior to joining the company, he worked with Baker & McKenzie Law Firm where he was a managing partner. He also formerly served as the director at the Texas Children’s Hospital and the Director at the Anthony Petrello attributes the success that he has had different companies to his experience and rich educational background.

Although he has a senior position at the Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello is very active when it comes to philanthropy. He gives both his resources and time to the Neurological Institute as well as the Texas Children’s Hospital. Anthony Petrello is a strong believer that an individual can achieve a lot through excellent interpersonal skills, hard work and ambition. He demonstrates his credibility and reliability in leading Narbors Industries to profitable ventures in the industry that is highly competitive. The employees at Narbors Industries have described Anthony as a team player, hard worker and a strong-willed person.

The successful executive serves as a Director at the Hilcorp Energy Company and the Stewart &Stevenson LLC. He strongly advocates for clinical and research programs that normally address the needs of children suffering from neurological conditions. Based in Houston Texas, Anthony Petrello is married and has a daughter. He serves as mentor to the young entrepreneurs who have dreams of becoming successful in their particular fields. Anthony Petrello has acquired lots of expertise in the corporate world and has therefore managed to acquire lots of recognition from all parts of the world.

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