Capital Group Executive Describes a Misconception about Investing

Tim Armour is an alumnus of Middlebury College. He studied economics there and successfully completed a bachelor of arts program there. Middlebury College is a highly prestigious private liberal arts college in Vermont. It is also the first college in the state of Vermont.

With his studies of economics complete, Tim Armour joined the Capital Group. This was done through the associate program at the firm. The associate program experience would lead to Tim Armour being hired and was the start of a career that has spanned over three decades now.

Mr. Timothy Armour now holds the position as chief executive officer at the Capital Group. In addition to being the top executive, he holds a number of other posts. They include the title of board chairman and director at the Capital Group Research and Management Company. Tim Armour is also a portfolio manager of equity investment funds and is the board chairman of the Capital Group Companies Incorporated.

Before being elected by the company board to serve as its chairman, Tim Armour served as an equity investment analyst at the Capital Group. In this capacity, Mr. Amour analyzed multinational telecommunications companies and the US service industry. Mr. Armour became the chairman of the Capital Group in July of 2015, when then chairman Jim Rothenberg died. Learn more about him:

In an article published in February of 2017 for CNBC, Tim Armour debunked a proclamation made by famous billionaire investor Warren Buffet. According to Armour, Buffet is wrong that it is safer and more lucrative to invest in a passive index fund that is pegged to the S&P 500 than it is in a hedge fund. Armour says that while it is true that many passive index funds have routinely outperformed many hedge funds, there are many hedge funds that provide excellent returns that are far higher.


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