Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade: A Master in Brazil’s Motor Industry

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, a prominent business figure in Brazil particularly in the motor industry began his journey as a medical profession. He veered off from the health industry in 1979 after possessing a bankrupt dealership that owed him a Ford Landau, he had made payment for but hadn’t been delivered. The dealership came under his management as compensation for his undelivered vehicle. CAOA was launched with Dr. Carlos as founder and chairman, a position he retains to date.

With just six years into the business, CAOA had grown into Brazil’s largest Ford dealership in Latin America. In 1992, Brazil permitted the importation of foreign motor vehicles, a process that was previously illegal. This opened many opportunities for CAOA as it secured an alliance with Renault with the Dr. Carlos’ company becoming an official marketer. Three years into the market, Renault spiked sales to the top in the imported car division. Next in line was Subaru from Japan. CAOA won rights to become its official importer in 1998 and consequently translated the sales into their portfolio making triple compared to their previous importers.

Hyundai followed closely in 1999 having failed in the Brazil market, CAOA was determined to overturn their history. Hyundai rose to become a market leader in the imported division with Tucson model reigning the show. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade continued to maintain good business relations with Hyundai until 2007 when he arrived at a position noble enough to convince Hyundai of setting his car factory on Brazil soil. He injected a staggering $ 600 million investment fund into the factory that currently sits in Agribusiness District of Annapolis. It will serve as a huge and flexible supply chain and distribution channel for vehicles in Brazil and its surrounding countries.

Building his factory would see Dr. Carlos gain recognition from far beyond the motor industry. The CAOA founder was awarded the title “Entrepreneur of The Year in the Industry” by Brazil’s Isto E Dinheiro magazine. In the next decade, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade never backed down; he continued to incorporate business and marketing strategies for his empire as well as conduct research and development for motor engineering advancements. This aspect has set him aside from the rest of the players.


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