Chris Burch demonstrates the critical traits of a successful entrepreneur

Christopher Burch is a serial entrepreneur with stakes in various holdings. He has invested in several businesses across different industries for nearly four decades. He is a key contributor to the rise of some major brands. These include Jawbone, Poppin, Voss Water and Faena Hotel+ Universe just to mention a few. He is currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He has also served as a member of the Governing board at Guggenheim Capital and the Continuum Group. Cristopher Burch’s fascination for entrepreneurship began at an early age. In 1976 when he was still doing his undergraduate studies at Ithaca College, he partnered with his brother Bob to start a business with the initial capital of $2000. They grew the franchise to a net worth of $165 million and sold it to Swire Group. Their startup company was named Eagle’s Eye apparel.

After the sale of their company, Mr. Burch continued to look into emerging markets where he could invest. He ended up becoming one of the initial investors at Internet Capital Group. He would find a niche in the ever-expanding market and utilize it. For instance, Christopher would discover the connection between innovation and implementation. He would also research on how the particular product would be received in its targeted market ( Mr. Burch has also spread his vast tentacles into Real estate. He has acquired developed and renovated various properties both in the U.S and abroad.

In 2011, Christopher Burch launched an accessory and home décor retailer called C. Wonder and then sold it to Xcel Brands in 2014. He recently initiated a partnership with beloved T.V host Ellen DeGeneres (  This was aimed at creating a platform on which to launch her lifestyle brand, ED. Later that same year he started Cocoon9, an array of magnificent luxury properties. These are just among the few that are included in Burch’s Brand portfolio. Mr. Burch was a sitting member of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation board and is also a former president of the Pierre Hotel Co-op Board.

Chris Burch believes that the concept of creativity coupled with a willingness to produce is a recipe for success. He encourages entrepreneurs to embrace the creative process and be willing to take calculated risks towards achieving their dreams. Christopher Burch is a known philanthropist. He has supported various charities and foundations such as the Sumba Foundation.

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