Chris Burch Has Opened An Amazing Resort In A Remote Part Of Indonesia That Is Thrilling Its Guests And Uplifting Its Local Community:

Billionaire Chris Burch is one of the leading figures in the modern fashion industry but he has recently become the man behind what some are calling the best hotel in the world ( The project that led to this distinction began in 2015 when Chris decided to turn a remote Indonesian island into a fabulous resort. This remote and lowly populated island previously tended to only see outsiders that were there to surf. Chris Burch had fallen in love with the place though and decided to turn it into something truly special.


Sumba is home to a native people’s ancestors the Marapu first came to he secluded locale. The people of the island still in many ways live a life similar to these Marapu ancestors. Chris Burch was fascinated by the island’s history and scenery and this inspired him to start the Nihiwatu Resort. To assist with the development of the resort, Chris Burch enlisted the help of famous hotelier James McBride. McBride soon fell in love with the location in the same way that Burch had.

Today there are travellers from all over the world who are coming to the resort regularly. They come to fish, surf and simply take in the incredible natural beauty of the location. The truth is that Nihiwatu Resort is more than just an amazing getaway for pleasure seekers, it is now the largest employer on Sumba and has made major improvements in the local economy by its very presence. Chris Burch is so passionate about the place that he is putting the entirety of his profits on the resort back into the local community.

Chris Burch is well known in the financial world as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. Over his forty plus years in the business world, he has been involved in over fifty different companies and has worked with some of the leading brands in the world.

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