Chris Burch Is Happy To Invest In The Island Of Sumba That He Loves So Much

The island of Sumba has roughly 750,000 people living on it, and the Sumbanese people are a spiritual people who follow traditions that go back many years. Their culture has remained pure throughout many years of tourism, and when Claude and Petra Graves, two surfers, found the island many years back, they fell in love with it. The couple eventually left their New Jersey home to live on Sumba with not a lot of money in their pocket. Now, about 35 years later, their hotel, Nihiwatu, has received a prize by Travel + Leisure readers that singles it out as the best hotel on the globe.

During the last 5 years, Chris Burch, an investor from the United States, has invested more than $30 million into the hotel, which has greatly improved its offerings. This is important, because the trip to the hotel includes flying to Bali and staying overnight just to wake up and fly another hour to the local airport. After that, hotel goers can expect to drive two hours on a bumpy road to get to the hotel.

While this is all great, Chris Burch hopes to keep the hotel there while protecting Sumba from being overdeveloped. The tourism helps the economy and gives locals jobs, but Mr. Burch worries about unregulated development. This is why the Graves and himself give back to the local community by making cash donations. To this day the Sumbanese people struggle with hardships in their life, but their warm smiles always make people want to come back time and again to the island paradise they call home.  For an additional article, hit on this.

Christopher Burch is the creator and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He has over four decades of experience as an entrepreneur and investor and has helped over 50 companies to grow and experience success. His intuitive nature and experience in his field has helped him to help other disruptive companies find ways to make their ideas a reality.

At Burch Creative Capital, Christopher Burch has worked with a spread of companies and brands including Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, and more.  Check this on   Today, he is assisting many different consumer product and lifestyle brands to find success, and a couple of these include BaubleBar and Brad’s Raw Foods.  Visit one of his impressive investment, hop over to

While many people praise Christopher for his business acumen, many others recognize his ability to work with people and get to the bottom of what it is they are needing in their daily lives. These skills have made him the extremely successful entrepreneur he is today.  For his recent innovative contribution to the market, click

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