Chris Burch is Taking Nihiwatu to New Levels

Throughout the years, Christopher Burch has been known as being both the CEO and the founder of Burch Creative Capital, which happens to be located in New York City. Through the company, he helps to manage both brand developments and also venture investments. It was during 2012 that Burch first became a billionaire and was also featured in Forbes Magazine, in their edition of The Worlds Billionaires. Along with all of his personal investments, Burch also is an investor with the Guggenheim Partners.

It happened to be in Wayne, Pennsylvania that Burch was born and raised in a middle-class family. His mother is none other than, Robin Sinkler, who was an Episcopalian that was raised in a Philadelphia Main Line Family. John Walter Burch happens to of been Christopher Burch’s father, was a Roman Catholic and happened to of been one of among 10 children that were born into a middle-class Baltimore family. His father also owned a distributor of both mining supplies and equipment.

In 2013 Burch had decided that he wanted to make his next big investment, though at the time he did not know how big of a success it would become. Along with James McBride, he decided to acquire Nihiwatu Resort. This resort happens to be located on the Indonesian island of Sumba. It was finally in 2015 after a $30 million investment that the pair decided that they wanted to open up the resort under the name Nihi. During 2016 Travel + Leisure decided to vote Nihiwatu as being the best hotel in the world. Burch stated in an interview with Business Jet Traveler, that he had originally decided to buy the hotel for his kids and also as a piece of something that he hoped they could preserve and then give back to their community ( He then went on to say that Nihiwatu has been able to turn into far more than he had ever thought would be possible.

In another article written by Wall Street Journal Burch had stated that he likes to split his time evenly between the Hamptons, Miami and also his resort that he has in Indonesia . Nihiwatu is currently widely known for having 27 different private villas. This happens to include Raja Mendaka, which is Chris Burch’s private home. It’s also in this section that there is a main house and also four added on villas, each of these happens to also have its very own private pool.

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