Chris Burch: Purchasing a Paradise and Cultivating Charm

When you go on vacation you want to relax, you want the best experience that your money can buy. You worked hard the entire year and you are looking forward to a new type of experience where you can get the genuine rest you deserve. The Nihiwatu Resort has been named the number one hotel in the world by Travel+Leisure and it is the experience that you are looking for. The resort, located in on Sumba Island in Indonesia, is a glimpse of luxury in a beautiful, lush landscape that is unmatched by any other location in the world.  Guests will be given the opportunity to engage in a variety of experiences while staying at Nihiwatu. A major draw for many visitors coming to Sumba Island is the pristine water. Many of these activities are complementary and allow visitors to explore the natural beauty of the Indonesian ocean with their loved ones and friends. In addition to this, guests may enjoy a trek out into the Indonesian forests to witness the Lapopu Waterfall. This waterfall offers visitors with the chance to swim below its waters in a one-of-a-kind experience. New guests can also immerse themselves in cultural activities throughout the island. These activities allow them to feel closer to the native population while learning about the history of the Indonesian culture. It is a great learning experience in a paradise location. For those visitors that are interested in wellness, Nihiwatu offers several wellness activities. There is a full list of spa services and visitors have the option of taking yoga from a local instructor

This beautiful oasis would not be possible without the forward-thinking mind of entrepreneur Chris Burch. Burch has been a leader in investment and business opportunities since his early days in the field as a college student. He started a small clothing company with his brother that took off very quickly after they sold the company for more than $60 million Burch began to look for other opportunities for investment.

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Nihiwatu is a new type of business in his portfolio, but like most of his work, he has done it well through hard work and determination. After 40 years in the industry growing a reputation as a formidable investment tycoon, Burch uses Nihiwatu as a standard for many of his endeavors. The experience that he is cultivated throughout the resort is one that he has always carried with him, excellence.

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