Chris Burch – The Philanthropist and Businessman

Chris Burch is a serial investor with a vast interest in the technology, fashion, and real estate industries. Chris is the founder and CEO of Burch creative capital and has over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur. He has had a hand in over 50 companies across the board all of which can boast of success. A few of these enterprises include the Popping, Cocoon9, and recently the Nisi Sumba Island in south Asia. Chris is a branding genius who has a broad knowledge of what consumers want from a given product or service.  Have a look at his diverse investment portfolio, visit the website, check

Just like most entrepreneurs, Chris got his first foot in business when still in college at Ithaca. Burch together with the brother engaged in door to door sweater selling business to gather some funds for investment. They managed to save up to $2000 that enabled them to launch Eagle Eye Apparel, a company they managed to grow and later sold at almost $60 million. As Chris ran the business, he was able to get effective production plans and marketing skills that he still applies to date.

In 2012, Chris together with a longtime hotelier James Mcbride joined hands to create Nihi Sumba resort that is found on the remote sides of Indonesia.  Click on for related article. The resort features 27 villas that are easily matched to the region`s natural features. Natural stones and teak woods are used to construct the villas that are nestled between palm trees and gives visitors an exclusive hilltop view. One can engage in many activities across the resort that range from hikes, boat rides or as well drive around the Island that is opposite to the resort. The villas include a combination of estates, duplexes or properties, and visitors can choose their preferences depending on their pockets. Chris has even gone a notch higher to construct luxury homes in nearby areas to service the resort.  Related article here.

More to the hotel business, Burch has expanded his interest to the real estate sector. He is the founder of Cocoon9, a company with a unique scheme to develop small homes with high quality and modern construction. The apartments are easy to transport & install and takes just four months to complete their construction. They are as well affordable, space saving and energy efficient to suit everyone.  For an overview of his diverse investment, hop over to this.

Burch is a philanthropist with the disadvantaged in the society at heart. He collaborates with The Sumba foundation to help the Sumbanese residents with nutrition, education, water, and health projects. Burch plans to expand the Nihi Resorts and his other investments. More about the resort on

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