Christopher Burch Switches To Chase Sapphire Reserve

American Express Represents A Company With Many Loyal Customers

American Express is a company which aims to keep many of their loyal customers. One of those loyal customers happens to be Mr. Christopher Burch, a famed designer. He is one of the wealthiest Americans, and American Express wanted to retain his business as a customer. However, he recently made the decision to switch credit cards to the JP Morgan Sapphire Reserve card in 2017 despite having been a customer with American Express since 1979.

American Express Seeks To Retain The Best Customers

Retaining the business of customers like Mr. Burch is a challenge for American Express. This is something that the new Chairman of the company is looking to do in order to court more individuals like him as customers, and that the existing customers stick around. These customers represent a substantial portion of the business that American Express performs on a daily basis. For his contact info, check this.

Mr. Burch Is The CEO of Burch Creative Capital

Mr. Christopher Burch is currently the Chairman and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He invests in creative businesses and is the co-founder of the brand Tory Burch. He believes in branding, as well as applying his creative approach to all activities which he performs. He has also a keen sense of branding, which has led to the success of his company. Know the latest news release about his follow on investment, click on

Mr. Burch Grew A Apparel Company To $165 Million Company

His career began as a student, with a initial success of being able to grow a apparel company to a $165 Million brand. He was then able to sell the brand to a larger company, and proceeded to invest in Internet Capital Group. He has continued to invest in luxury homes and he has built a real estate portfolio of luxury properties.   This has included developing a large, undeveloped piece of land.  For the latest cool offering of him in the market, hit on

Take this chance to read more about his award-winning resort visit

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