Community Is Important To The Families At Rocketship Education

In 2006, former public school educators, Preston Smith and John Danner were looking for a new way of bringing a high-quality education to the low-income families of San Jose, California when they decided to explore the charter schools industry. Rocketship Education was born as a way of trying to encourage a healthier partnership between low-income families and the educators dedicated to assisting their children with a better quality education that was being offered by the public school system.

In no way are Smith and Danner attempting to look down on the public school educators they were once working alongside but have instead been trying to find new ways of inspiring a higher standard of life and work among the low-income families of the U.S. For a student to be successful in an elementary school environment it is vital the family of any child is engaged in the school community to make sure they are passing on a sense of pride and dedication to learning.

One of the main areas of concern for the founders of Rocketship Education during the planning stages of the program was to ensure parents and teachers built personal partnerships which would allow them to work together to deliver success for each student. In this way, Rocketship Education believes the parent experience at any of its locations is of the most important and must be monitored in a similar way to the experience delivered for every student.

Rocketship Education has been created on the basis of it being a successful alternative to the public school system in the U.S. which its founders believe are failing low-income students as they seek a path to higher education. Concentrating on the elementary school sector has allowed the charter school project to focus on delivering a high-quality educational experience which has been a success across three different states and become one of the top charter schools in Washington D.C. Like many of those who feel charter schools are the way forward, Rocketship Education does not believe the chances of educational success for any student should be harmed by their home location limiting their ability to learn at a high level.

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