Consultation with Dr. Mark Mofid

If you are thinking of booking an appointment with Dr. Mark Mofid, then you can rest assured that you made the best choice. He is one of the most highly regarded cosmetic surgeons in San Diego and beyond. The first thing you will notice about Dr. Mark Mofid is his approach to cosmetic surgery. It is careful, calculated and conscientious. From the moment you step into his office, you experience the aura of profoundly rooted professionalism that puts you at ease.

The consultation process is impressive. I must not forget to mention that Dr. Mark Mofid’s staff are most friendly and caring, and will take a keen interest in the details of your specific needs. With Dr. Mark Mofid, you are assured of a personalized approach to your cosmetic surgery needs. Every patient’s body type and surgery requirements are carefully observed during the whole process, and this team will not fail your expectations.

Once you have booked an appointment with Dr. Mark Mofid, you will be welcomed by a courteous administrative assistant who will confirm your appointment. You will then be ushered into Dr. Mofid’s office where you will discuss the details of the procedure that interests you. Getting to understand the aspects of cosmetic surgery procedures is an important step that Dr. Mofid takes with pride. He will guide you thoroughly and answer all questions that you may have concerning the procedures.

Dr. Mofid takes time to understand the needs of each of his patients. He will also guide you through the benefits and risks of the procedure to ensure you fully understand everything before commencement. That is precisely how caring and professional he is. After you have discussed and reached an agreement, Dr. Mofid will then take time to understand how you would look, and determine how to achieve your desired result.

There is plenty of time allocated for every consultation so that Dr. Mofid fully understands the particular needs of each of his patients to achieve the best results. The most confidence-instilling part of the whole consultation process is the simulation. Here, one of Dr.Mofid’s assistants conducts a morphing session using digital imaging software. These will show you the expected before and after results of the procedure. What more could one possibly ask?

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