Cotemar Ability to Fulfill Its Sustainability Obligation Over 36 Years


Cotemar is a 100 percent Mexican firm established in 1979 and has its headquarters in Ciudad Del Carmen, Campeche. The company engages in the provision of services relating to the development of offshore oil fields via specialized vessels.



The specific services offered by the company include the maintenance and rehabilitation of platforms and the process centers located in offshore facilities. Other activities include the provision of catering and accommodation services, and vessels operations in areas such as transport, and other specialized services.



With over 36 years serving the oil industry, the company prides itself in the capacity to contribute to the production of hydrocarbons using efficient processes, thanks to its ability to recruit and maintain dedicated personnel and cutting edge technology.



The fact that Cotemar has managed to survive harsh economic atmospheres for 36 years, and counting is no mean feat. Among other efforts, the company has always put strict measures in place to guarantee its sustainability. For starters, it does not compromise on the quality and safety of its services. It always ensures that the products and services meet the needs and expectations of its clients satisfactorily. Cotemar implements several actions to guarantee the realization of its sustainability obligations.



For instance, the company uses business ethics that are in line with its values and the virtue of transparency. Cotemar’s activities are usually based on its commitments towards the social, environmental and economic factors. The operations of the oil and gas firm of Mexico are also motivated by the desire to ensure the quality of life for its people. This is achieved through the creation and implementation of programs that promote industrial safety, health, education, equity, events as well as sports that meet the social needs of participants, besides facilitating family integration.



Cotemar does not take the importance of environmental sustainability lightly. All the company activities are conducted in a manner that permits reduced adverse environmental impacts, but most importantly, the operations are geared towards ensuring the preservation of the environment. It also plans events aimed at creating awareness on matters ecological conservation.



To fulfill its responsibility to the community, Cotemar endeavors to create employment opportunities to the members of the society and also engages in activities that promote good health, sports, and culture through relevant programs and social institutions.


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  1. They have been able to establish their name in the oil industry and I think that with the statistics already in their favor, they are on track. Perhaps are in the best place to enlighten us about some of the trends that have been going on in the industry and what Cotemar is truly doing for their customers. They have a responsibility to community and that is about creating employment opportunities for them.

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