David McDonald : A Global Food Industry Leader

David McDonald has been faithful to work with OSI Group and has not left the organization since you joined three decades ago. Currently, McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the company. OSI Group is regarded as a top privately held company in the United States of America. McDonald began his career with OSI Group as an employee who reported to Sheldon Lavin , the current Chairman and CEO of the company. OSI Group headquarters is close to where the first McDonald’s restaurant began in Des Plaines Illinois. The growth of OSI Group occurred at the rate of the McDonald’s franchise, however, this growth occurred in a more private manner.

The company was one of the only met suppliers to McDonald’s restaurant when the chain began, and it is now one of the global food providers for the popular restaurant. The management style used at OSI Group is credited to David McDonald’s childhood in Iowa. McDonald values the perspectives of the local leadership and their relationships with customers in their communities. Within the OSI Group , it is the policy for local management to make decisions because of their market awareness and proximity to the customers in the area. The company has a strong desire to perform well and operates in a family-like culture.

OSI Group has a modest approach to how they deal with the success they have experienced around the globe. The company focuses on assisting the businesses they partner. The success experienced by the company is expressed in a humble manner. David McDonald says that OSI Group is thankful for their customer loyalty. McDonald and his family are actively involved in the community in Iowa. As an alumnus, David McDonald still has an affection for Iowa State University, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in animal science. In June 2018, McDonald spoke concerning upcoming food industry trends at the Iowa Swine Day festivities. Additionally, two of his children are enrolled at Iowa State University.

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