Demystifying the Brain Disorder Problem and Depression with Neurocore Brain Performance Centers

Between six to seven percentages of American adults suffer from depression in any given year and of those, the female gender has a majority. Depression is, however, not a preserve of adults and can occur to anyone regardless of age. The sad thing is that even though it is possible to treat depression, only about 33 percent of those suffering from it seek for medical redress. As an authority in matters of mental health, Neurocore Brain Performance Centers shares with the public a handful of facts that relates to depression. Some of these facts are discussed in this article.

8 Notable Facts on Depression

First of all, the cause of depression cannot be limited to one: causes vary from one person to another. However, stress is among the biggest contributors of depression. Another serious cause is genetically linked where a person may suffer depression as a family history.

Secondly, there are many types of depression, but the main ones are four. These include Major Depression Disorder, which persists for up to two weeks, Persistent Depression Disorder, which can go for up to two years, Postpartum Depression, which takes effect from childbirth, and Seasonal Affective Disorder, which goes on and off depending on seasons.

Thirdly, symptoms of depression are many and vary from one person to another. A persistent headache, fluctuations in weight, irritability, and tension, however, are some general symptoms. These symptoms lead to the fourth fact, which is that depression can have adverse effects on an individual’s physical appearance.

The fifth fact as given by Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is that depression is a major contributor of suicide cases. Statistics show that suicide is the second main source of death in the USA. Besides that, another fact is that depression also contributes to disabilities among youths.

Finally, the two and most important of all facts: one, more funds ought to be set aside for the fight against depression and secondly, depression- regardless of its magnitude- is treatable.

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