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Who Is IAP Worldwide?

IAP Worldwide is leading logistics, facilities management, technical, and global natural crisis support group. They have over, 2000+ professionally trained, brave men and women, as a part of their team. They’re able to be dispatched to many parts of the world at a moment’s notice. They are designed to help as a program management specialist team, when you need them the most. For example, during Hurricane Matthew, IAP was responsible for engineering thousands of generators in several states including Massachusetts and Maryland. Thousands of resident’s received electricity and heat, when the local officials where unable to respond to a mass group in a crisis.

DRS Technologies and Tactical Communication Solutions (TCS) are now a part of the acquisition that IAP Worldwide has recently announced to their investors. TCS will be able to contract aircraft to IAP, greatly improving their response time around the world. More importantly, their core strategy is to improve long-term growth and build professional relationships with other like minded corporations around the globe. IAP is committed to working with large faceted companies that can contribute their knowledge of technical support and crisis resolution. They are currently hiring men and women around the world that are seeking work they can feel passionate about and with great benefits.

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IAP has been proudly serving the needs of the community for over 75+ years. They started as a small corporation and begin to expand their services on a global-scale with each successful mission. They have always worked closely with other corporations that have the same interest. IAP Worldwide take pride in customer service satisfaction with the highest standard of excellency in mind. A crisis situation is one that requires a professional that can maintain a high energy scenario. IAP is willing to be the first one on the job and the last man standing.

You can visit the IAP Worldwide website for an in depth view of what their services consist of. They are highly trained in handling classified or highly confidential projects. They hold your privacy to the highest standard. They recently received a $170 million dollar contract with the U.S. Navy that is based in Dallas, Texas. The goal on this mission is to provide assistance to the project manager. In fact, this will be a contingency assignment that is expected to go on indefinitely. They will lend their logistics plan to the manager, for tactical solutions. IAP is a professional team that thousands of people know an trust.

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