Doe Deere: An Inspiring Entrepreneur

Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, was born in Russia before being raised in New York City. Doe is an entrepreneur with a mission to inspire women to be themselves and to create their own identities. While others in society see beauty as matching outfits and natural makeup, Doe believes that beauty comes from the expression of the individual.

Lime Crime cosmetics are magical, colorful, and cruelty-free. The bold and vibrant colors have attracted a fan following for Deere, whom she refers to as her “unicorns.”
Deere loves to mentor and inspire other female entrepreneurs with her own personal drive for success.

Since the launch of Lime Crime in 2008, Deere now spends her typical days meeting with her Creative Director, creating business strategies, followed by meetings with other people on her team to ensure continuity in her product. Deere also works on directing visuals, or spending time in the lab with a chemist, developing new products.

Before the development of new products, Deere waits for inspiration to come to her. Once she has a novel idea, she tests it herself to make sure it fits in with her brand. She has a strong affinity for authenticity to both Lime Crime and her customers. She knows what her brand stands for and is confident in its message.

With the success of Lime Crime, Deere wishes she had started the business venture earlier. She was hesitant to turn her dream into a career, and she wishes she had trusted her gut from the beginning. These days, Deere is very confident in her intuition and follows through with her ideas full force.

In her free time, Deere donates to an animal rescue organization, which aligns with her policy that all of her items are cruelty-free. Bide-A-Wee, her favorite animal rescue organization, is a no-kill shelter in New York. Deere also rescues and adopts pets herself.

When Deere thinks about some slip ups she has made with Lime Crime, one in particular comes to mind. Lime Crime went through a security breach where their website was hacked, releasing personal customer information. Although this was through no fault of Deere or her company, she still felt a personal responsibility to her customers. Deere worked hard to restore her customers’ trust in Lime Crime through setting up a call center and specific email account that were dedicated to handling all inquiries that were related to the incident. She also hired extra customer support to help reply to customers in real time. Deere also hired a team of online security experts and made her company’s website as secure as possible, with the use of Trustwave and Norton. Deere was able to learn from this experience and it only made her company stronger and allowed its customers to trust them even more.

When it comes to people who have been influential in Deere’s life, her husband is the first to come to mind. She and her husband met in a rock band over 15 years ago and have since been inseparable. Deere feels lucky to have such a strong support system.

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