Dr. Mark Holterman’s Advances as a Passionate Medical Doctor, Professor, and Philanthropist

Yale University’s educated Mark Holterman is a medical doctor with specialties in general and pediatric surgery. Dr. Mark earned his first degree in General Biology from Yale and later joined the University of Virginia for his Ph.D. in Medicine and Immunology and also got Doctor of Medicine, M.D. from the same university. Thereafter, he received a fellowship from the University of Washington in pediatric surgery at the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. He has also been of service at Rush University Medical Center as a pediatric surgeon.


Additionally, he lectures medicine at the University Illinois College of Medicine and also he is the current chief executive officer at Mariam Global Health. Dr. Mark also works at OSF HealthCare’s Children’s Hospital. Mark Holterman is also passionate about stem cell research which he hopes that will help in finding the cure to chronic diseases such as metastatic melanomas, colonoscopy, endometriosis and many more threats to the health of children and even adults.


As a passionate doctor, he is a member of many medical foundations such as American Diabetes Association, ADA which was put forward to help in fighting Type II diabetes in the youth (angel.co). ADA partnered with other organizations which are also fuelling campaigns towards reducing the number of youths suffering from type II diabetes. The duo has, therefore, come up with a program called Camp PowerUp which actively engages the youth into doing a lot of exercises and also encourages them to take healthier diets with fewer fats and low sugar levels. These day-to-day practices are to help reduce the risks of contracting diabetes.


Apart from his professionalism, Dr. Mark Holterman is also actively engaged in charitable giving to patients in various hospitals and organizations such as the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam where he has donated funds and also volunteered in surgery skills to improve healthcare for these children.


Dr. Mark Holterman’s passions as a medical doctor, a professor, and a philanthropist have helped in impacting positively to many people as well as giving hope to the sick children and teenagers. As such, he has been an influential person in the society.

More at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-holterman-70087863

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