End Citizens United Chairs Reforms In America’s Political Landscape

Started in 2015 March, End citizens United, is a non-profit, grassroots donors funded political action committee with a dedication towards reforming the finance system in the United States.it was founded following a 2010 controversial decision that saw the Supreme Court allowing corporations to act on behalf of humans. It aims to build a wide coalition that will help in achievement of reforms in campaign financing and to pressure lawmakers into taking action.

End Citizens United’s mission is to eliminate the use of big money political funding by ensuring that campaign reformists are elected in order to end the usage of undisclosed and limitless money in US political campaigns. They hope to achieve this through; election of candidates who are pro-reform, making issue of undisclosed campaign funding a national priority and using their grassroots members to demonstrate on the same undisclosed campaign funding.

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What end Citizens United is fighting

Technically, foreign entities contribution to US political campaigns is prohibited; however, enforcement of the prohibition rule is has been difficult. This might be because no none actually seems to know when a foreign entity has made contributions to a political party’s campaign, the laxity of the finance laws dealing with campaign financing has not helped either. This has resulted in the rise of a small clique of ultra-wealthy individuals who, through their large campaign cash donations, now have a lot of say in US political processes. An example is the role Russian donors are said to have played in trying to influence the 2016 US elections. Through this corporate donation law, a loophole enabled Chinese nationals, through a company (American Pacific international), made a $1.3 million donation to Jeb Bush’s political action committee. A Mexican entrepreneur is also alleged to have made donations through a shell company, and by the beginning of this year, there 15 cases of illegal campaign spending by foreigners being investigated by the FEC. Tracking this money is made hard by the few regulations concerning such contributions by foreign entities.


The role of organizations such as End Citizens United cannot be underestimated, these organizations help bring sanity to political campaigns and financing, thus helping in avoiding a situation where the country’s interests might end up being auctioned off to the highest bidder who can oil a politicians or political party’s campaigns, it is organizations like End Citizens united that keep the country and its leadership from being an oligarchs puppet.

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