Energy Rations Continue in Venezuela

Venezuela has been in the midst of a crisis for several months, and the latest news from of gas rations has continued to cause unrest among the citizens. Rapidly changing crude oil prices combined with a demand for energy that does not meet the current supply has led to the rationing.
This is the first time according to expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez since the energy crisis started that the Venezuelan government, under the direction of President Nicolas Maduro has had to ration gas. Citizens are reportedly unhappy, as the lack of hydro electric energy and rolling blackouts have caused Venezuelan citizens to turn to other sources of energy.

It is unclear if the rationing and other measures imposed by the Venezuelan government will have any effect on the energy crisis, or if it will simply continue to cause further unrest among the population of Venezula. As the energy crisis continues to grow, causing the government to cut down the availability of government services, the popularity of President Maduro continues to decline. It is unclear whether or not Maduro will be able to hold office much longer, as the calls for his resignation and impeachment continue to grow louder and louder among the people.

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  1. The majority of Caracas encounters every day, four hour power outages as a result of the endeavor by the administration to apportion vitality. It is quite easy for to better have the understanding that everything has started working for all of them and it makes sense that way also.

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