Entrepreneur Chris Burch Develops Bali Resort

Bali has emerged as one of the top travel destinations for many people who are looking to experience warm weather, beaches and luxurious resorts. One of the top resorts in Bali is the Nihiwatu resort. This particular location has established a reputation as one of the premier destinations for those who are looking to visit a tropical paradise. Visitors will be close to the beach as well as have access to fine dining, comfortable lodging and exposure to Bali’s culture. Entrepreneur Chris Burch acquired this resort recently and has built it into one of the very best in the world. This acquisition and development has enabled Chris to add yet another valuable piece of real estate to his portfolio. By developing the Nihiwatu resort, Chris has had the opportunity to enhance his already impressive collection of properties throughout the entire world.

Burch bought his property a few years ago and looked to built it into a quality destination for tourists. He purchased the land and then began to construct the resort over time. During the development process, Chris wanted to preserve the culture of Bali which would give travelers the opportunity to learn more about the island and its people. As well as preserving the island’s culture, Burch also wanted to provide visitors with a pleasant and fun environment. He would develop waterfalls to give the resort some nice surrounding scenery. Chris would also develop comfortable hotel rooms where people can sleep and unwind in comfort when they are not outside. With nice weather and proximity to the beach, visitors will have easy access to another area to lounge around in.

Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital which specializes in brand development and venture investing. With his company, he is able to help businesses enhance their image to consumers as well as get funding to grow and expand. Prior to founding Burch Creative Capital, he started up a sweater business that would distribute quality apparel to consumers. By the year 2012, Chris reached billionaire status and was named to the richest Americans list. Check entrepreneur.com.

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As well as founding a couple of successful businesses, Chris has also acquired a number of real estate properties to help build his wealth. Burch acquired a hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina which has emerged as one of the top properties in South America. Along with the hotel in Argentina, Chris bought another hotel in Florida of the United States. With these two acquisitions, Burch has been in position to provide quality lodging to visitors in multiple areas of the world. His recent acquisition of the Nihiwatu resort has also allowed him to expand his real estate holdings.  More about this resort acquisition on businessinsider.com.

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