Equities First Holdings, Successful Company

Equities First Holdings’ CEO Al Christy Jr. is not afraid to admit that success for he and his company did not happen overnight. Al Christy opened Equities First Holdings in the early 2000s. When he opened the business, he was prepared for any obstacles that might have came because he studied the industry before opening the company. When Al knew that he was interested in starting a financial business, he experimented with money of his own and researched the industry until he had a genuine understanding of the market. After experimenting for a while, Al finally opened Equities First Holdings in 2002. Now that the company has been open for 15 years, they are known for providing their customers with the lowest interest rates for loans. Equities First Holdings does not have any affiliation with the government. This along with other freedoms has allowed Equities First Holdings to give their customers freedom with finances.

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