Fabletics-Not Your Average Subscription Service

Fabletics has grown to be worth $250 million in just three short years. Part of the reason why Fabletics by Kate Hudson has become so successful is because the company uses a subscription model in order to sell its active wear. Customers like brands like Fabletics, because it mixes convenience and membership and is an aspirational brand overall.


Price and quality have long defined brands as high value goods but recently customer service, brand recognition, design and last-mile service has been more appealing to the modern consumer. These at eth qualities that define high-quality these days.


Fabletics has used a strategy that it needs to build a modern “high-quality” brand and membership model has proven to be very effective. Fabletics is able to personalize service and fashion trends at a lower price than its competitors.


Fabletics has used the “reverse showrooming” strategy so that they have been able to build relationships and have gotten to know the local markets through c=various activities and events. 30-50% of their in-store customers are already members of Fabletics and 25% become members of the subscription company right in the store.


Hudson has a few tips for success such as identifying those marketing strategies. She realized that there was a market that was completely overlooked and so she zoned in on retail space that other businesses just didn’t see. She also decided to keep her market large, so her clothing has been made to fit sizes XXS to 3X. Her line of clothing has been created to help inspire and motivate people to live healthier lifestyles.


Hudson believes that it is important to stay hands on, so she reviews her sales every week and keeps an eye on what’s selling and what’s not. She also launches new collections regularly to keep it fresh.


The Fabletics site has new members take a personality quiz when they first sign up to the club, so it gives Fabletics a better idea of what the customer wants and they can design their clothing lines accordingly.


Hudson gets a lot of inspiration from her mother, Goldie Hawn, and is a member of the Hawn Foundation. The program has helped to teach over 1 million children worldwide to be more mindful.


Hudson has a motto to “live your passion” and to focus on what is the most important to you. If you keep that in mind, you will “become fearless”.

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