Follow the Leader : Adam Milstein Believes in Doing Good

Adam Milstein is a prominent philanthropist for the Israeli community. Adam is also a real estate investor as well as a leader. Adam currently works for Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner. Before Adam began his career in real estate, he moved to the U.S. in 1981. Adam Milstein graduated from USC with an MBA to start his career in commercial real estate. Adam overcame failure is not looking for success in a microwave situation, but doing it the long way and taking your time. Milstein states that making a massive investment in a product took time to make a profit and at the end, it was not worth it. Adam Milstein believes that if you want something to happen you must push. Milstein says that no one is going to do it for you so you must do it for yourself. Adam has spent his time helping over 100 organizations. Some of the agencies that Milstein dedicated his time to was the Campus Coalition, Jewish Funders Network, Birthright Israel, and many more organizations.Milstein believes in three principles that will help people in philanthropy. The first law is that generosity is a lifetime labor of love. The second is to be focused on the work that you do and be committed. The third principle is to place your money where your mouth is. Adam believes in helping others especially his community. Adam has helped reshape the lives of pro-Israel Americans. Adam and his wife co-founded the Sifriyat Pajama B America foundation. Sifriyat Pajama B America gives free books that have been translated into Hebrew. The books have insightful information about the Jewish values. Adam continues to strive hard to continue to do right by the community and give back to the community. If you were to take something for Adam, it would be to treat everybody kindly and give back and more

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