Freedom Checks Are Starting To Be Unleashed Thanks To The New Tax Laws

Getting more money back in your bank account and fewer deductions on your paycheck was probably a blessing for you when President Trump and Congress passed their tax cuts. But what if there was something even bigger these tax cuts could do? One thing they have done is open the door for more natural resource companies to expand their production, and that’s led to investors taking advantage of freedom checks. These investments could pay out investors very high dividends reported on Banyan Hill, a financial publication website which stated that some investors could receive over $100,000 in them. But how is this made possible? Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

Freedom checks are not the kind of checks you hear about on most pyramid scheme advertisements or check fraud scams. These are actual investments you make that were brought to light by Banyan Hill editor, financial advisor and former geologist Matt Badiali. Badiali has a solid reputation in knowing where precious metals, natural gas, oil and other natural resource markets are going, so you can believe his recommendation to buy into freedom checks is legitimate.

So what is the difference between this investment and other traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds? Upfront, they look nearly identical, but what sets them apart is they are investments in master limited partnership (MLP) companies which pay 90℅ of their income to investors. These companies make significant profits due to the oil and fracking booms that have hit the US. Watch this video at Youtube.

Also significant is that freedom checks are considered a return on capital and not income. What’s significant about that? It means the IRS will not come collecting taxes on any freedom check you own or dividends you receive in monthly checks. So if you bought one for $1,000 and it ended up turning gains of 2,000℅, that’s $20,000 you own tax free. If you decide to sell a freedom check after its value increases, you pay the capital gains tax but only at its lower percentage. Banyan Hill has a lot more information about buying these freedom checks that you can learn about on their website.


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