Friends Made Easy By Whitney Wolfe Herd

While friends are very important, society seems to put them at a lower value than romantic relationships. This could be because friends are a little easier to come by, and friendships are not as deep as relationships. However, friendships are very important. There have been studies on the effects of loneliness which has suggested that it is important for people to have at least some form of relationship in their lives. Whitney Wolfe Herd herself has seen the value of friendships when she thought about people who go through personal tragedies with no one to reach out and talk to more

With all of this thought towards helping people make friends, Whitney Wolfe Herd has decided to take the time to build an extension to her Bumble app, called BFF. This allows women to meet one another for friendships. The way BFF works is very similar to Bumble. Users have to fill out their profile and take pictures. It is very important for users to fill out their profile as honestly and completely as possible. This gives people a better likelihood to be matched with friends. After all, mismatched friendships often result in a lot of tension that is harmful in the long run.

Whitney Wolfe Herd wants to make it easier for women to find friends that they can trust. She is aware of the risks that come with meeting people out in society. It is easy for people to fall into the hands of someone who is toxic. The worst part is that some of these toxic ties could be hard to break. The BFF extension of Bumble can reduce the likelihood of falling into that kind of company. Whitney has also built another extension to Bumble called BIZZ. This is for women who are looking for ways to support themselves financially.

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