George Soros Will Not Give Up the Fight

George Soros has used his billions of dollars worth of wealth to become a philanthropist and promote democracies the world over. He has done this mostly through his Open Society Foundations, a nonprofit he started that is able to support fledgling democracies through training and empowerment.

Over the past few decades, the Open Society Foundations has been able to give to many Third World countries hundreds of billions of dollars meant to strengthen their government. George Soros and the board of the Open Society Foundations believe that the government must be accountable to the people. They understand that the moment the government loses its accountability to the people, it will become corrupted and serve its own ends. George Soros is so passionate about what Open Society Foundations stands for the in 2017 he donated 75% of his net worth to the nonprofit so they could continue promoting change. They have made it their mission to stop this from happening all across the world. This mission includes looking at the United States and stopping the evil there.

George Soros was a public opponent of Donald Trump in the 2016 election. During that election year, George Soros would publicly declare Donald Trump a lunatic and a madman. He said that the White House could never fall to such a tyrant as Donald Trump. George Soros used his Open Society Foundations in order to stop Donald Trump from becoming the president of United States of America.

When it became apparent that Donald Trump would probably secure the Republican nomination, George Soros allied with his longtime friend Hillary Rodham Clinton. Soros approached Hillary Clinton and asked her what he would need to do in order to help regain the presidency. She was honest with him at that moment.

Hillary Clinton informed George Soros of the Democratic Party was near bankruptcy. While Barack Obama served well as president of United States, he did not continue supporting the Democratic Party’s finances. This left them in a black hole. She told George Soros that a large donation would be able to ensure that the Democratic Party can continue its operations at a base level as well as a high level. In response to this, George Soros gave the DNC $25 million to promote Hillary Clinton’s presidency and keep the DNC afloat.

George Soros also foresaw that the Republicans might have a clean sweep and gain all of Congress. He looked at the Democratic Senators in the purple states and offered them millions of dollars to secure advertisement and inform the public of the lies Republicans tell. Unfortunately for George Soros and the Democratic Party, the Republicans would win that historic election. However, George Soros is not a man who is defeated easily. George Soros said that he would use the Open Society Foundations to take the fight to the ground. Soros would begin funneling money toward many super PACs that would reveal the lies that Trump was telling, fight for women’s rights, and promote immigrant policy.

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