Great Investment Knowledge from Paul Mampilly

Being able to excel at the stock market is not a simple task, whereas most people dream of it. This is the reason that Paul Mampilly has acquired great admiration and respect from people who appreciate his uncanny ability of being able to identify winning stocks even before they happen. This is not by any means based on luck, but Mampilly has actually been able to do it repeatedly over a long period of time. Thereby comfortably being able to prove his record. He has been able to master this skill through extensive hours of research, whereby they have been able to study the stocks and understand their behaviors.

It is indeed worth appreciating that Paul Mampilly has successfully managed huge accounts ranging from millions of dollars to other greater accounts. He clearly studies different stocks, before carefully preparing his comprehensive written recommendation. This recommendation explains all his reasons for having faith and trust in that particular stock. This extensive knowledge saw to it that Paul Mampilly worked as a hedge fund manager with great success. This was evidenced by his win of the most coveted Templeton Foundation competition, whereas he was awarded for generating modest profits of 76 percent.

Paul Mampilly is not afraid to illustrate his winning stock market methods, and for this reason he opened a live trading account with real money amounting to $5000. This account has since seen realized a 180 percent growth, which is impressive to the ordinary investor who believes this is possible. He also shares his amazing experiences over the 25 years that he has been in this industry, this he does through his subscription services.

Paul Mampilly has continued to make great investment recommendations on various sectors such as precision medicine, food delivery services as well as electric vehicles. He terms these market segments as trendsetters that are going to take the market by a storm. Whereas this consequently means that these are the areas a stock investor should be concentrating on. One cannot ignore a man with such a great track record, and can only pay unwavering attention to his recommendations.

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