Helane Morrison: A Powerful Compliance Officer who is Dedicted to the Public

Helane Morrison has been building her career as a compliance officer for many years. She has been working in this field for well over 30 years and still continues to perform her duties with the same level of intensity. Morrison knows that her job is very important. Especially, in the world of finance and business where corruption and fraud can easily get out of control.

People who are familiar with Morrison knows that she is a no nonsense woman who is committed to stopping any unethical or illegal activity that might take place within a corporation or company.

Morrison’s career began back in the 1980’s after she graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor’ degree. After she completed her journalism certification she attended the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law. After she obtained her degree from Berkley she began her career working for Hon. Richard Posen of the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh District.

During her time with Posen, Morrison learned the importance of being committed to justice and being ethically sound. Posen was the type of judge who did not play around when it came to trying a case or dealing with wrongdoers. Once these lessons were learned Morrison they continued to influence Morrison for the rest of her life.

Helane Morrison eventually went to work for a law firm in 1986. The firm was called Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She worked at this firm for about 10 years. While she was there, Morrison learned how to try cases and developed her investigation skills and her ability to figure out when people are not conducting their business practices in an ethically or legal manner.

She became a partner with her firm in 1991 and specialized in dealing with business litigation and defense of private securities actions. Morrison also began to deal with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) during this time. Her experience with the SEC at the time, helped her to land a position as the Chief Compliance Officer within this governmental regulatory institution.

Once Morrison became the Chief Compliance Officer she started to expose and prosecute fraud and corruption wherever it was found. She was (and still remains) passionate about protecting the public from unscrupulous business people and practices. Helane Morrison has been committed to this ideology for many years.

Currently, Morrison is working for Hall Capital Partners, in San Francisco. She still remains a powerful compliance officer who is helping to restore consumer confidence within the world of investing, business dealings and government security.

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