How Joining the AIA Headed by Robert Ivy Can Help an Architect

The American Institute for Architects CEO, Robert Ivy oversees the professional group’s efforts to provide their membership the best networking opportunities, workshops and education sessions. These professional groups offer the ultimate opportunity for exposure to the right people, the leaders of their industry. Your membership to a professional group provides credibility to your resume because it shows your dedication to your industry. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.


Robert Ivy’s AIA offers its members an almost exclusive chance to be in a professional group, as there is only one other architecture association in America. AIA has chapters in every state and they have 260 chapters all over the world with 90,000 members. Their membership comprises licensed and retired architects.

Being a member of the American Institute for Architects affords one a chance to network with other architects at your level and leaders in your field. When AIA hosts a conference, hundreds and even thousand of architects come together at one time. These events are great opportunities to meet your peers making informal connections. It’s also an opportunity to meet and connect with the architectural leaders, which could lead to employment and very meaningful introductions.

Robert Ivy has insured that AIA serves as a conduit for the professionals in Architecture. The job boards AIA avails to its members, job fairs and the staff that works in their career centers all contribute to aiding its members in finding excellent employment opportunities. Members are also privy of explicit career help at times.


The AIA with Robert Ivy as its leader understand the value of having a strong political voice. Their advocacy arm applies steady influence resulting in favorable tax legislation for the architectural field. Robert Ivy notes that while architects make up a small professional category, they do have a strong voice.

Credibility is one of the most gained benefits for members of AIA. If the member is also part of an AIA committee, it shows leadership ability making his or her resume stand out. The fact that the applicant had to follow AIA’s code of ethics is yet another positive that follows the applicant into the hiring process. Professional groups offer great opportunities leading to the development of associations, individual standing and employment in your field of choice. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

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