How to Pick Out Healthy Hair Care Products

Women are starting to pay attention to the harmful ingredients that are hiding in hair care products. Many of these ingredients strip hair of its natural oils and weighs hair down making it look lackluster. They also cause long term damage making hair prone to frizz and breakage.

Women are switching from conventional hair care products to products derived from natural ingredients. However, most people aren’t equipped with the right knowledge when it comes to picking out healthy hair care products. Companies often misrepresent their products by using words like “natural” and “herbal” on their labels. This misleads the consumer into believing the product is free from harmful chemicals and detergents.

It’s important for us to look for the signs when trying to distinguish what’s good for our hair and what isn’t. This can be as simple as glancing at the ingredient label on the back of a hair care product. Look out for words like paraben, sulfate, and fragrance.

Also, seek out companies that only use natural ingredients. For instance, Wen is a company by Chaz Dean that is helping women care for their hair without the use of harmful chemicals. Its most popular product, WEN hair cleansing conditioner, gently washes hair without removing its natural oils or shine.

Wen by Chaz has several natural products in their hair care line including anti-frizz styling crème, nourishing mousse, and a moisturizing hair mask. Their cleansing conditioner takes place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave- in conditioner.

Many women are switching to natural based products. When shopping for healthy hair care product it’s important to check the ingredients label to ensure that it’s free of harmful chemicals and detergents. To take the guess work out of choosing the healthiest product, buy from companies like Wen by Chaz who only use natural ingredients.

Check out the brand’s Facebook page and Wiki page ( to learn more.


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