How WEN’s Unique Cleansing System Improves Hair

Nothing provides realistic information like a full color photo. The color photos included in an article found on Bustle show what one woman’s hair looked like after using WEN by Chaz. In addition to the facebook photos, the young woman also provided written information on how her hair looked and felt after using WEN for one week. She describes her hair before trying the product as being frizzy, unruly and greasy. On her first application of the WEN cleansing shampoo she writes how her hair felt thicker even as she massaged the product into her hair and worked it through to the ends. She also mentions how she noticed a visible difference in the bounce and shine her hair had after the first use. Also see, for the before/after results.
A Unique Cleansing System

The young woman posting the article on Bustle is not the first person to experience WEN’s unique system of cleansing. Chaz Dean, the maker of this extraordinary line of products, chose to label WEN as a cleansing conditioner. This is because the product goes beyond the standard for cleaning hair and actually adds elements that help condition and restore it to a healthier state. The cleansing aspect of the product is designed to remove dirt and film left behind by other hair care products, without removing the hair’s natural oils.

The ingredients used to create the different varieties of Wen hair are selected for the unique properties they possess. This allows each variety to target specific issues people have with their hair, such as frizziness, dryness or oiliness. By selecting the appropriate variety and following the directions on the label, people will see a noticeable difference in the way their hair looks and feels. The WEN by Chaz products are so good at what they do, they have been the products of choice for many professional models. Read more:

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