How You Can Give A Gift To Someone Special Like Chris Burch Does

Chris Burch is always looking for a new idea that isn’t just good but phenomenal, and one that represents thinking outside the box. Burch encourages people to go full force with these kind of ideas at his venture capital company, Burch Creative Capital. But Burch is also involved in philanthropy and also likes to share his ideas for homemaking and giving gifts. He has given many nice gifts to people he loves including a U.S. Jaclean Zero-Gravity Massage Chair, a Barbour Gisbourne winter jacket or several sweets either from Pretzables or Fatty Sunday’s. Check

Chris Burch has funded hundreds of entrepreneurs at his firm, but prior to that he was building companies from scratch. When he was still only a freshman in college, he started selling sweaters designed at a factory that he purchased and sold for $5 profits. The hobby grew popular with customers and eventually Burch made enough profits to buy his own stores and factories, and he named the company Eagle Eye Apparel. Burch built this company into a dynamic retail competitor and then sold it for $67 million 20 years later. Burch began other pursuits on the side while still running the company including producing the 1992 romantic comedy film “Watch It” and joining the board of the Internet Capital Group. Burch returned to the fashion industry in 2004 when he bought partial ownership in the Tory Burch Group, and after selling those shares off in 2012 he became a seed investor in the Ellen DeGeneres ED brand. More on

Chris Burch has bought some high end residential properties including a $14 million home in Southampton that he had rebuilt and resold for $25 million, but he’s also invested a lot in hotel properties. In 2004, he was a partner investor in the Faena Hotel + Universe which has become one of Argentina’s top luxury resort destinations. Nine years later, Burch bought and transformed the island of Sumba in Indonesia into a big luxurious property with highly artistic buildings, exotic beaches, massage areas and a home of his own that he travels to. Burch is also proud to support the Tilton private school in New Hampshire. Related article on

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