Hussein Sajwani, a Real Estate Icon

Hussain Sajwani is a real estate developer and the CEO and founder of DAMAC. Through his company, Hussain has been able to achieve his dream of successful property ventures in the United Arab Emirates. He is a Washington university graduate having graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Science. According to Forbes magazine, he is ranked as the 527th richest person in the world with a total net worth of $3.4 Billion.


Hussain Sajwani and Business


In the 1980’s, Hussain Sajwani got into the field of business. He invested in the food sector supplying and offering catering services to the US military as well as the workers in the oil fields of Abu Dhabi. His appetite for growth saw him start DAMAC in 2002. Through it, he was able to launch successful luxurious projects in the United Arab Emirates, Somalia, the United States, Bosnia and the Gulf. His prospects are set to grow with his focus set on Turkey’s market as well as London. In London however, he has kick started the process of listing DAMAC in the London Stock Exchange. According to Sajwani, DAMAC is sourcing for extra financing to fund its expansion agenda, funds that would be generated from the initial IPO in London. In the real estate sector, setting yourself apart is the name of the game. DAMAC has seen it set itself apart by offering luxurious property thanks to its partnership with international luxury brands, Versace and Fendi.


International Business


DAMAC’s growth has paved way for partnerships with international brands. One such brand is the Trump Organization. Their partnership led them to actualize a dream, The Trump International Golf Club. The club, since its creation, has grossed nearly $2 Billion in sales revenue and is still growing to date. His key business partnerships have seen Hussain Sajwani develop and successfully complete a hotel in Washington through his company, DAMAC. The hotel was officially opened in 2016.


Hussain Sajwani has made an indelible mark in the real estate industry both locally and internationally.

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