Jason Hope sees the transforming capability of the Internet of Things

When entrepreneur and futurist Jason Hope writes on his conceptions of the future of business, it centers around the Internet of Things (IoT). As a regular contributor at Tech.co, he covers the tech industry. Lately, his articles center on what he calls “the greatest new wave of advancement.”

The Internet of Things refers to networked technologies that let a wide range of devices to sync with one another. You use the Internet of Things when you use your cell phone as a remote control for your television or remotely turn on the lights of your home from work. IoT includes devices as diverse as kitchen appliances to cars. Its ability to harness the network and share data produces increased efficiency and decreases waste, Hope explained in an interview with Engadget.

Hope sees the IoT as a potentially transforming innovation for business that could revolutionize operations and products. It could become the single largest investment many corporations make, but worthy since its product would be a world of completely networked devices. As consumers move from viewing such technology as novelty to a necessity, he envisions businesses competing to build the best products and the best apps to control them. The winning businesses will create apps that provide the greatest utility for consumers.

IoT’s current applications in the area of public transportation illustrate its potential in improved safety. Whether in an urban or rural implementation, IoT has improved public safety with:

Hope, who earned his Bachelor’s in finance and MBA from Arizona State University, sees the potential for a trickle down effect in areas such as public transportation. The IoT’s improvements to transit system’s reliability, safety, and adaptability could increase public satisfaction to the point that more consumers use public transportation. That decrease in traffic congestion would lower pollution and reduce the number of potential traffic accidents. As Hope points out, similar application across sectors could transform our environment.

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