Jed McCaleb’s Rise To Greatness

Jed McCaleb first became known to the world as the founder and CTO of a company called Metamachine. Metamachine created a program called eDonkey, which you might remember if you are old enough. It was an early example of a file-sharing program, though it was a little different from services like limewire and (early) napster, both of which became infamous for their role in the various illegal downloading lawsuits (most of which failed, by the way!) eDonkey was more focused on creating a secure way to transfer and store specific files which were usually non-copyrighted. eDonkey was notable in the fact that it was the first file sharing service to allow multiple uploads and downloads at a time. Before this, file sharing software was usually limited to an exchange between only two computers at a time. This company was operating from August 2000 to September 2005.


After this, McCaleb started a group called code collective, and with this initiative he created a video game called The Far Wilds. This game received very positive feedback from IGN and from most who played it for its unique and mentally stimulating gameplay style. He administrated this game from February 2007 until December 2009, when he realized that he no longer had the time required to run and update this constantly-evolving game. As such, he handed it over to the fans.


Following this endeavor, he has also served as an advisor to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, which was studying and developing new forms of artificial intelligence. While he has moved his focus to his new company, called Stellar, he remains an advisor to the organization.

Listen to Jed McCaleb’s recent podcast:


And of course, let’s not forget about Stellar. This is a nonprofit that works to educate people all over the world in the ways of both money and technology. By closing the knowledge gap that exists between the high and the low, Mr. McCaleb hopes to unlock the hidden economic potential of the world. While this is a large goal, and some would say a less than realistic one, it is a worthy effort nevertheless. It is easy to admire those who use their success as a way to help others.

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