Jennifer Walden Is A Cosmetic Specialist In Texas

There are not that many women in the plastic surgery business that have made a big name for themselves, but Dr. Jennifer Walden is quite the exception. There are less than 500 women across the country that are board-certified and licensed to practice in plastic surgery and best of all, Jennifer Walden is one of the top individuals in her field. Today, Jennifer owns Skintology in New York, which offers a variety of cosmetic treatments for customers throughout the area, including massages, facials, laser hair removal, extensions, waxes, and more. Looking and feeling good go hand in hand, which is why Jennifer’s target market are those looking to improve or make changes to their own beauty.

As of late, Jennifer Walden has been putting in a lot of time to promote her new practice that she started in July of this year. Based in New York, Skintology NY is Jennifers new practice and she has been heavily advertising it through her social media, such as Twitter and Instagram. Many clients have already come through the doors to have cosmetic work done and she even managed to get Miss New York to come in for some laser work. This kind of publicity is great for Jennifer’s company, as people will want to have surgery done at a location reputable enough for someone considered to be so beautiful.

Along with offering cosmetic surgery, Jennifer Walden provides medical spa services at her new practice as well. The medical spa does not involve any kind of surgery for clients and consist of a range of different treatments, including bioidentical therapy, vaginal rejuvenation, sexual wellness, and beauty services. Jennifer has been building her career for more than 20 years and given her success so far and the optimistic attitude she brings to everyone around her, she will be around for quite some time in the cosmetic industry.

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