Juan “OG” Perez and Jay Z Work Hard and Play Harder

When it comes to making a big deal out of your 50th birthday, it helps to be friends with legendary rapper and musical artist Jay Z. Luckily for Juan “OG” Perez, he is the close friend and business partner of Jay Z, who ended up going all out for OG’s birthday celebration. The evening was so extravagant that one stop of the night at the Playroom Nightclub cost Jay Z a whopping $91,0000. When a picture of the receipt went viral, the world got a small glimpse of why it’s good to have friends in high places.

What most music fans likely don’t know though is that OG Perez has been hiding in plain sight as one of Jay Z’s closest friends and trusted business partners. Their friendship has spanned decades, several music albums, and countless business ventures. OG Perez’ relationship with Jay Z began in New York, a fitting location for the state natives. Sharing a love of New York, music, and sports, the two quickly bonded and began work on their first business venture.

After helping Jay Z run his studios in the early years, the two opened their first club in 2003. Part sports bar and part luxury lounge, the club was named the 40/40 Club and quickly became the hot spot for popular music artists and athletes. Their constant interaction with athletes naturally led to the start of Roc Nation Sports, a groundbreaking signing of big-name athletes. OG Perez’ personalized attention to their intentionally small client list has earned him the trust of some of the world’s biggest athletes.

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