Kim Dao Makes Morning Routine Easy

Kim Dao’s skin tone and hair always looks flawless and it is easy to see why when you watch her morning routine. She shows that there is plenty of time to spend playing games and checking social media accounts before actually getting out of bed. Kim Dao then gets a nutritious breakfast of oatmeal, brushes her teeth and cleans her face before beginning her make-up routine.

It takes Kim Dao less than ten minutes to complete her routine, which begins with the application of Moistfull collagen to help keep the skin soft during the harsh winter months. Kim Dao then uses Essence toner, then lotion and moisturizer. The routine should be followed in that order for the best results.

Kim Dao then begins the application of primer for her make-up, first dabbing it on then gently rubbing it about the face. She uses the cushion to apply it around her entire face. This gives her face a glow and prepares the skin for the next step. Kim Dao then applies concealer to cover flawed areas, uses a brush to apply powder foundation and fills in her eyebrows with pencil liner. Kim Dao then uses a primer for her eyelids, applies eye shadow and mascara.

Kim Dao’s morning routine certainly seems like it would take hours to accomplish, but with practice, anyone can do it within minutes. She applies mascara, and curls her eyelashes quickly and with ease. Next, she applies blush and lip gloss. Now Kim Dao is ready to get dressed and put moisturizer in her hair. She’s off and ready for the day. Following Kim Dao’s routine will give anyone the same flawless appearance every day.

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