Marc Beer, a Man with a Vision

The Co-founder and CEO of Renovia Inc, Marc Beer was able to obtain 32 million in funding for his new medical company, Renovia Inc, a medical technology company that creates products that are designed to diagnose and treat pelvic floor disorders, a condition caused by the weakening of the pelvic muscles. Marc Beer has an extensive background in biotechnology and developing pharmaceutical devices specifically designed to treat urinary incontinence, an issue that plagues more than 250 million women in total.

Recently Renovia introduced their first incontinence product, “Leva” which was approved by the FDA that April. The project was partly funded by, Longwood Fund; an investment group that often invests in healthcare products and tends to focus on biotechnology and therapeutics. The funding Mr. Beer generated is necessary to help pay for future testing and developing new products, including a new Generation “Leva”. Marc Beer also plans to develop an innovative sensor that collects to help come up with the new ways to treat incontinence.

Technology gives us a better understanding of pelvic disorders, as the medical and technological world increasingly become more intertwined, Renovia has been able to develop FDA Approved medical devices, that can easily be equipped with a patient-based app, that will collect data, to figure out a way to improve or in some cases eliminate your incontinence, because all pelvic floor disorders are uniquely different.

Renovia could not have a more dynamic leader than Marc Beer, with over two decades of experience in the medical industry; Mr. Beer has the knowledge and expertise to handle the job. In 1987 he graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Science and Business, he went on to establish VIAC, a biotechnology company that specializes in preserving and developing umbilical cord blood stem cells. With his direction, the company grew to employ more than 300 people, and eventually went public, and was successfully acquired in 2007 by PerkinElmer.

Marc Beer than went on to serve as Vice-President of marketing for Genzyme Therapeutics Worldwide, a pharmaceutical company that under Mr. Beers direction was able to treat more than 350 million people who suffered from a variety of unique rare diseases that were hard to diagnose. He then went on to serve as Vice-President of sales for BioStar Inc, a medical research company that develops diagnostic immunoassays.

Mr. Beer continuously strives to improve the living conditions of others; he also works as a consultant for OvaScience, a biotechnology company that specializes in female infertility. His hectic schedule doesn’t diminish his concern with helping others; he’s also a committed board member of the Joe Andruzzi Cancer Foundation, a foundation that helps provide cancer patients financial support in their time of need. His love for his community stretches far beyond health care, he’s currently a Miami University Advisory Council board member and a member of Notre Dame’s Research and Advisory Council, his leadership skills and his ability to innovate continues to inspire many professionals within the healthcare industry. Learn more:


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