Marc Sparks: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Since graduating high school in 1975, Marc Sparks has been involved with dozens of startups. He is the very definition of serial entrepreneur. Now, he lives in Dallas, Texas and is the owner of multiple portfolio companies while also being the head of Timber Creek Capital.


After 34 years of building successful businesses, Sparks decided to share his knowledge with the world so others could follow in his footsteps. He owns Timber Creek Capital, a business incubator that can help startups become successful. Timber Creek Capital can host up to three companies at a time in its optimized space, where they get training and support that they need to succeed in their own.


Even after a lot of ups and downs– including building a multi-million dollar software company and losing it all within ninety days– Sparks still has not lost his love of life and drive for business.


He’s found that a special flow in an office is required to maximize output and productivity, which he set up in Timber Creek and endeavors to teach others to do. He also wrote the book “They Can’t Eat You” to teach others of his successes and failures in the entrepreneur world. This book has motivated and inspired others to become entrepreneurs and create their own successful businesses.


Outside of his work, Mark Sparks participates in volunteering, like working at the Good Samaritan Inn homeless shelter in Texas. He has volunteered there since the late eighties. He also works with Habitat for Humanity and has helped build over a dozen new homes. Mark Sparks’ philanthropy extends to American Can! Academy– a network of magnet schools– as well as his own nonprofit, “Sparky’s Kids” where he has given underprivileged children laptops to help them break the poverty cycle.


Mark Sparks is a dedicated businessman as well as philanthropist. He has been successful in his business ventures as well as his work at helping others.



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