Matthew Fleeger: The Behind the Success of Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger heads the Gulf Coast Western, a company that deals with the drilling of oil and gas. The firm exploits its resources to acquire oil from the reserve. It primarily focuses on the areas that have good structure and advantage of geophysical and geological. The success of the oil and gas company has been attributed to the transparency and the accountability with the partners that helped it to build a strong relationship and a reputation for the company.

The partnership of the Gulf Coast Western with Orbit Energy is one of the major deals that has opened the opportunity for the firm. In Southwestern Louisiana, they have managed to acquire land and seismic data through partnership and 13 functioning well with other 140 identified location for drilling with a reserve of barrels approximating 30 million. Gulf Coast Western aims to increase the production.

The partnership with Dallas-based Northcote Energy limited has helped the organization to expand its footmark to southeast Louisiana acquiring fifty percent interest. They are drilling an average of four million barrels. Apart from Gulf Coast Western working in oil exploration and exploitation, the company is focusing on expanding their work to other parts of the United States. They have formed a joint venture with other business nationwide. Majority of the Gulf Coast Western partners are involved in several joint ventures. It is highly rated for its ethic and integrity.

Matthew Fleeger’s professional expertise has helped the oil and gas company in managing waste and tan industries. He has used his skills in negotiating for the company, team building, and strategic planning. He is highly respected for his business profession. His experience is linked to co-founding of the MedSolution Company, primarily specialized with transportation, medical waste treatment, and disposal. He has shown his tremendous work by earning a respectable revenue and using his skill to turn a small company to a giant.

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