Meet Guilherme Paulus; An Inspiration In The Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus took it upon himself to become a young entrepreneur at the age of 24 years old. He is the co-founder of widely acknowledged tours company CVC Tours operating in Brazil.

The Brazilian native began his career at IBM as an intern immediately after graduating from the university. However, along the way, he grew interested in the tourism industry after a few interactions which saw him veer off the technology industry.

Upon joining the tourism industry, Carlos Vicente saw immense potential in Guilherme Paulus and decided to partner with him launching the CVC Tours. Although the tourism industry at the time already had some key players, Paulus brought in a game changer.

He approached the industry differently and targeted at striking the touring experiences in Brazil. With CVC Tours, fun activities would be incorporated to make the memories more outstanding. Within the next few years, CVC tours had gained notable mentions steadily rising to become a market leader in Brazil’s tourism sector. He managed to revolutionize the touring experience in Brazil for decades.

Guilherme Paulus managed to keep CVC Tours at the top of the game until he noticed a problem. His company was mainly faced with a considerable list of referral tasks from clients who were looking up for tourist destinations, hotels, and resorts. In 2005, he took it upon himself to create GJP which is a chain of more than 20 hotels and resorts spread out through Brazil. He invested about $600 million of his own money into building these hotels that would create revenue under one roof.

Following this development, Guilherme Paulus was recognized as the “Entrepreneur of the Year 2017” and was featured on the main cover on Isto E Dinheiro’s magazine. The GJP chain of hotels is responsible for creating employment for more than 1800 Brazilians as well as boosting the nation’s economy at large.

Although Guilherme is an original co-founder at CVC Tours, he sold the company at $750 million but maintains ownership with 8% stake in the company. He currently sits as GJP’s group chairman, reigning power in the tourism industry for more than three decades now.

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