Michael Burwell’s Role At Willis Towers Watson

Michael J Burwell is an accomplished certified public accountant. He received his Bachelors of Arts in business Administration from Michigan State University in the United States. With 31 years of experience, he was selected to be the chief financial officer at Willis Towers Watson company in October 2017.


Prior to his move to Willis Tower Watson company, Michael worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. He served here for more than 30 years. Within this period of time, he practiced as an assurance officer providing business advisory services, he did this for 11 years.

In the year 1997, Michael joined the Pricewaterhouse Coopers’ transaction business.


Following his success at the transaction business unit, Michael Burwell was given the post of the chief operating officer over all the states in the U.S. He was later appointed the vice chairman of Global and U.S transformation.


Michael Burwell begins his day at 5 am and he never forgets to make his bed even when he is on vacation. He says the essence of this habit is to make him accomplish the most important tasks of the day. He will normally ride a bicycle in the mornings as he thinks of the day’s work and how it will be accomplished.He does this reflection at the beginning of every week and every month. He borrows ideas from the people in the company. He believes that employees are the most important assets of any businesses. He harnesses some of the great ideas from his colleagues and puts them into practice.


Michael Burwell is a dedicated and relentless individual. He is driven by technology to maximize production. He is open to ideas and every day presents him with a chance to learn. He shares ideas with his colleagues in a quest to learn more.He believes in the power of micro-communities. He further adds that technology is the powerhouse of micro-communities’ evolution. He is also fascinated by InsureTech. Good listening skills and networking are the core principles that Michael works on and recommends them to everyone. Go Here for related Information.


Michael is a member of several organizations. He is a financial officer at Sacred Heart rehab center and still remains to be partnered with Pricewaterhouse Coopers. On the resignation of Roger Millay from Willis Tower Watson Company, Michael was appointed to take his place as the chief financial officer in October 2017. He is skilled in financial auditing, internal control, and financial analysis.



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