Might Fortress Church Is Mighty In Minnesota

Mighty Fortress Church, which resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is one of the most effective churches in America. Starting with just 20 members, Mighty Fortress Church now has over 500 members and over 150 prospective members.

Dr. Thomas R. Williams is the pastor of Mighty Fortress Church. Dr. Williams has degrees in theology and business. Dr. Williams is known for his simple preaching that touches the hearts of every person in the sanctuary. Visit lifeway.com to know more.

In addition to fantastic preaching, MFC is best known for what it does outside of the church walls. On a weekly basis, the pastor and members of the church feed the starving and less fortunate people in the community. They also provide shelter for the homeless and for veterans who are not being cared for properly.

Another great thing Mighty Fortress Church does outside the church walls is reaching people from all walks of life. Whether you are homeless, Buddhist, Muslim, Catholic, Methodist, gay, straight, or other, you are welcome to Mighty Fortress Church. Pastor Thomas Williams makes sure every message he preaches is able to touch people from all areas of life.

A typical worship service at Mighty Fortress Church can range anywhere from 2-4 hours. This depends on if there is a special speaker, if it is a special day, or if certain members of the church are being recognized for their accomplishments in the community.

Check: https://patch.com/minnesota/minneapolis/announcements/a/24637/mighty-fortress-church-to-celebrate-resurection-sunday

The church service begins with a prayer. This is followed by powerful praise and worship songs, which usually consists of three or four upbeat songs and then three or four slow and intimate songs. This is all done to get the presence of God flowing in the sanctuary and to increase the faith in the people present.

After worship, Pastor Williams preaches for approximately one hour. After the preaching, there is more prayer and worship music before the conclusion of the service. After the service, everyone in attendance is invited to the community room for breakfast and lunch. Watch this video on Youtube.

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